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Thangadh is 700 kms far away from Mumbai (Bombay) and is connected with Railway through the destination of Thangadh. By Air way it is also convenient via Rajkot & Ahmedabad of Gujarat State. Rajkot city is 70 kms away from Thangadh connected with National Highway, also connected with Ahmedabad Capital City of Gujarat. Easy awailabilities of Taxi car from Ahmedabad & Rajkot Cities.
The FEDERATION OF CERAMIC INDUSTRIES Is an organization of the various Ceramic Industries situated In Than District Surendranagar Gujarat (India). It was founded In 1984 under the name and style of Federation of Ceramic Industries.
We represent manufacturer of Ceramic Products as under :
Ceramic Wall Tiles
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Centuries ago, regions were known as Aranyak viz. Dandka-aranya, Arbuda-aranya, Champa-aranya, etc. Similarly, this region was also known as “Dharma-aranya” which means Dharma was main in this region.

By the passing of time, the five famous Rishis established their own hermitages in this Dharma-aranya. These Rishis were Kanva, Galav, Aitithya, Angirah and Brishpati. Later on, Mandviya Rishi also established his hermitage in this area. The region where Madviya Rishi established his hermitage w as known as “Mandav” after the name of Mandav-Rishi and at present there is a Vid and it is known as Mandav's Vid.
Due to the dwelling place of religious persons from the very beginning, this region is known as “Dev Bhumi” (Dwelling place of God)
Thereafter, King Drupad established his kingdom here and for the marriage of this Great king's famous princess “Draupadi” Swayamvara was also held here at Trinetreshwar (now-Tarnetar). Draupadi was also known as Panchali because she was daughter of Panchal because Land. So Panchali means Draupadi.
No historical facts about this region are available after the Great King Drupad. But the above statement is made as per Skanda puran. As stated by some people, there is also Panchal Religion in another part of India and Matsya-Vedh was held there but as Skanda puran is an authentic volume, the above information given by me has more weight.
After passing of some period after King Drupad, there was down-fall of this region but again there was a rise. As stated in one chapter known as “Shri Sthan Mahatmah” of “Skandapuran” “Than” during its period of rise, if we consider the present Suraj Deval ( Sun Temple ) in the middle then its population and area was more. Its one door is spread towards Mull, Second is spread towards Hall-Madh, Third is spread towards Sundari Bhavani, and fourth is spread towards Chotila and there were 999 big well with steps leading to its level but this city was destroyed for the mysterious reasons. Some says that this city was destroyed by Mohmad Begda when he destroyed Somnath.
Any how, even if we believe this Legend, it can be established from the silent standing wall, broken parts of fortresses and remains of pillars of construction, that this city was its awe in the past. Still if excavation is carried out in the surrounding area by the Government and proper research so many new facts may be known and there is no doubt about it. After destruction, this city has completely become a small village and the theft, robbery have become a common thing.
Later on, Siddharaj Jaisinh (Solanki Period) invaded Junagadh in 1092 and at that time a round fortress to this village was built and this fortress was built to keep his supply line.
After Siddharaj Jaisinh, reign of Kathi was established here. During that period, Old Sun Temple was built.
After Kathis, Babarias also enjoyed on this land. Whole that period was of anarchy. The justice was in favour of “Might is right”.
In about Vikram Sawant – 1640, Halvadpati Raj Raisinhji's forth son Abhesinhji captured ‘Than' from Babarias. Thereafter, as per history Than was under ‘Zala Dynasty'
In 1947, when the whole country became Independent, ‘Than' also came under democratic rule. ‘Than' was not excluded at the time of movement for independence.
As per Kandul Puran, there was a big forest here known as Papnodhvan and there was a dwelling place for five Rishis known as Kanva, Galav, Aithithya, Angiraas and Brihaspati. So this region was known as Panchal and the place where they were staying was called “Than”. Moreover these Rishis were doing ceremonial performances (Yagnas) here. They were being harassed by the demons. So the Rishis prayed Hanumanji and the snakes – Vasuki and Banduk to protect them. Their request was accepted and the three Gods established their meeting place here known as Sthan.
At this place Rishi Kanva established Station as mentioned in Kandul Puran as under :

“Anen Sthapittam, Sthanam, Kanven Paramshrina.
Mahisakshyam Prapanne Tatkalpanthavadhi Tisthatu”
- Kandul Puran. (A.P.)

Sthan (Station) was established, which after passing of the time, the world Sthan was altered into “Than” and since then it is known as “Than”.

- By Prafulbhai Kothari

Sureshbhai P. Sompura
(M) 091-9825218177.
  Vice President
Mayur Prajapati
(M) 091-9825224261
Shital Ceramic Works