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The FEDERATION OF CERAMIC INDUSTRIES Is an organization of the various Ceramic Industries situated In Than District Surendranagar Gujarat (India). It was founded In 1984 under the name and style of Federation of Ceramic Industries.
We represent manufacturer of Ceramic Products as under :
Ceramic Wall Tiles
Electrical Porcelain
Acid Resesting Bricks
Water Filter Candle
Heater Plant
Creative Ceramic Articles
Commencement of Industries - 1913
The Nature has provided Thangadh with Rich Land of Main Raw-Material for Ceramic – Fire Clay, which was main cause of the development of Ceramic Industries at Thangadh situated in Surendranagar, District Gujarat State of India.
Thangadh occupied dominant position in the field of Ceramic Industries. Highest concentration of Ceramic units with various products is at Thangadh in whole Gujarat.
The use of Ceramic has spread widely in the field of generation & transmission of power, electronics, building etc.
The pioneer in Ceramic at Thangadh was Shri Sorabji Dalal. It was in 1913. However, it was very tough period for him to remain in existence with economical quality products compare to Japan & China . Shri Parshuram Ganpule (Dada) had taken over the unit to meet the challenge in 1934. Due to Second World War, he got success to push the product and ultimately the name “PARSHURAM” came in the map of India . Parshuram Dada had played important role in giving name of Town “ CERAMIC TOWN ” Thangadh.
Up to 1950, they were engaged in product Cup-Saucers, earthenware. Then they introduced other products, as if Sanitary wares, Glazed Tiles, Electrical Porcelains, and Jars & Refectories etc. Thus, the Group became a giant by increasing their units at Morbi, Wakaner, and Dhrangadhra & Sihor.
During that time power, supply was not available in town. Moreover, Parshuram had provided this facility to entire Thangadh. However, in 1960 their capacity was not enough to provided power supply when M/s. Witco Potteries approached them. Rati Bapa played important role to obtain power supply to Thangadh by Gujarat Electricity Board.
Parshuram Group was successful and could celebrate their Diamond Jubilee. Shri Deother Saheb, Shri Deo Saheb and Shri Ranalal Joshi were devoted to the Group.
Parshuram Group was also active in social and other activities. CGCRI, Naroda Centre was start by special efforts of Shri Mahadeo Saheb and testing & technical expertise facilities were available.
First SSI Unit - 1958
Befor 1960 there was general belief that Ceramic Industry cannot be in small scale, like Steel Plants, Sugar Industries and Textile Mills etc. However, in 1958 Shri Laljibhai Jadvani and Shri Laxmidas (Bachubhai) Kotecha started with small unit of Cup-Saucers. Immediately there after Shri Ratibhai Sheth from Jamnagar entered in Thangadh in 1958, and started production of refectories & Cup-saucers.
n 1964 Shri Ratibapa started to join the hand of small scale units (only 8 units) and under his President ship the joint efforts to solve common problems through the organization in the name “ Shree Ceramic Industries Association” was stared. Those who were facing problems of steam coal very well known to the activity of the said Association in procuring quality & quantity of steam coal. With the financial & encouraging, help of Shri Ratibhai Sheth many small-scale units started by his staff members and Traders.
Devepopment of Industries
The Major role in developing Fire Clay Mining work was due to efforts of the Manager of P.P.W., Shri Babubhai Sompura S/O Shri Purnashankar Vaijnath (Sompura Minerals),
Shri Jaylkarbhai Shah (F. M. Shah & Co.) Shri Dhirubhai Vyas (Vyas Brothers), Shri Ratilal Mehta (Witco Potteries ) and Shri Chandrakantbhai Shah (Sonia Ceramics), Ahemdabad.
In Thangadh Shri Babubhai Sakaria, prepared decorative articles & the products were also exhibite in Jahangi Art Gallery Bombay. Sakari & Mulia Groups had provided special technique of artistic products.
Again in 1970-80 period some Groups-Sompura, Chavda and Sunrise came with fast development speed. They introduce modern technique of firing, shuttle & tunnel kilns resulte most successful Group. Shri Ramjibhai Maru of Sunrise Group came and reached to highest-level leadership of economy, social & religious. He is the man of development. He had started with very poor facilities but has reached to highest level of leadership. He is most helping in nature, philanthropic, religious minded.
He has provided rich facilities of adjunction & Medical. Without Shri Ramjibhai Maru, it was not possible. He got its nation Award for Sanitary Ware Highest Exports. In addition, continuously every year they could get the Awards for Exports. Shri V. K. Chavda & Shri Sureshbhai Sompura Group also succeeds in getting Export Awards.
To, face out the problem in better way and to strengthens the joint efforts, Shri Digvijaysinhji (M.P.) advised to form compact body and ultimately he had given birth to “FEDERATION OF CERAMIC INDUSTRIES” in 1984. Shri Bachubhai Kotecha (Vashuki) & Shri Kiritbhai Mehta (Witco) were selected President & Vice-President to start the functioning vigorously. There after the federation progressed under President Ship of Shri Kiritbhai Mehta, Shri Sureshbhai Sompura and Shri Ashokbhai Shah of Oswal Pottery Works has vigorously developed activities to obtain water of Narmada , Gas Pipeline and other infrastructural facilities and freedom from problems by undersirable & non-particle rules of Government.
The reason of development of Ceramic Industries was mainly due to availability of Fire Clay & Trained Labours of Parshuram & Digvijay Potteries, Vagadia. Shri Laljibhai Mistry, Shri Hemubhai Kotecha and Shri Motibhai Parmar has played important role in Ceramic Industries.
No. of Units in Thangagh
Sanitarywares : 102 Units
Ceranic Wall Tiles : 011 Units
Stonewares : 008 Units
Electrical Porcelain : 015 Units
Miscellaneous : 019 Units
Total : 155 Units
Arranging Seminars
Conducting Industrial Tours
Inviting various Agencies &
Represent of Government Delegations.
Sureshbhai P. Sompura
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  Vice President
Mayur Prajapati
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