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Date : 29-08-2004
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History of Federation of Ceramic Association

President : Shri. Ramjibhai Maru

He was born at Village - Sodsala of Taluka Jamkhambhalia of District – Jamnagar . His date of birth is 9 th July, 1935 .

He had studied up to Std. VII in the Middle School of Village Salaya of Jamnagar District.

After completing his study he has worked as agriculturist for about two years. It was his own land. Thereafter he started his own store known as “Shah Novelty Stores” and continued the same business for 25 years. He had his own agricultural land but to expand the business he started cutlery stores.

After starting cutlery stores, he had an idea of starting a factory because in his store, he was selling jars, bottles, cup-saucers, etc. manufactured in Than. So he has acquaintance with businessmen of Than.

He has made a survey of villages of Morbi and Wankaner etc. but materials for these items were available only in Than. Moreover, he knew all the businessmen. So he decided to start a factory in Than.

At first, he purchased a land in Than in the year 1974. Then the land was converted into non-agricultural land and a factory building was constructed thereon on 10/12/1976 and a factory known as “Sunrise Pottery Works” was started in partnership consisting of 10 partners. This factory was started without any loan but by contributing Rs.4,00,000/- by the partners. For this purpose, ball-mill, press, filter press, disc, furnace, chimney, shed, etc were required. First of all he started manufacturing fire bricks, jars and cup-saucers.

In the first year, there was a sale to the tune of Rs.3,00,000/-. All the articles manufactured in the factory were sold.

His family circle was big, so all were to be accommodated in the business and so he started opening new units. Due to his attachment towards society, he was supporting all persons. His aim was to help everyone and make progress in the business. In 1984 he started “Shital Pottery Works”. Thereafter he purchased the closed units in re-sale and started “Zalawad Ceramic Works” in partnership. Then in 1988 he started Smruti Pottery Works, furnace of which works with oil driving system. Than under his guidance his family members and other person have started about 20 factories. At present about 25 families are residing in Than.

In the year 1989 he started exporting his products and the One Party from Dubai came to Than and visited his factories as well as other factories. Businessmen of Dubai liked his nature and they preferred quality goods of his firm and placed an order. In 1984-85 he started production of Sanitary Wares. Since than work is in progress. In the year 1990-91 he exported goods worth Rs.80 lacs. In the year 1991-92 he exported goods for Rs.150 Lacs. In the year 1992-93 export was made to the tune of Rs.200 Lacs (Two crores). During 1993-94 and 1994-95 he exported more and more of his products under small scale industry system and he was awarded for more exports for 6 years continuously.

During the year 1992-93, 82.5% of the total production was exported to foreign countries and the remaining products were sold in the country.

Now, it is expected that exports in this field shall be one and a half times.

To compete with giant companies is a very difficult task as their overhead costs are on a very high scale, whereas our overhead costs are very less due to economy and production is also made fast with our own labour.

In addition to this he has constructed a public building for Deravasi Sangh of Jain Community. They had run cattle camps in these public buildings during the last 3 droughts. Thereafter, a Line Charitable Foundation Trust was created and he became its Chairman. A girl's school was established by him wherein about 400 girls are now studying. Moreover an Eye & General Hospital with 50 beds was also constructed by him. Moreover on Chotila-Limdi Highway Road Jain Pilgrimage Centre was opened at Village Dolia. He has also constructed an opened a Jain Monastery at his own cost in Sarvoday Society on Tarnetar Road . Thus by remaining active member he constructed a Jain Temple and Public Building for Oswal Community at the expenses of the Community. He has also started a primary school for the children of the factory labour near factory premises. An English Medium school is also functioning.

In December 1989 exports of Sanitary Wares were started under Small Scale Industry Program. Prior to that containers were filled in, in which he was completely successful and due to this export award was given to him in 1991 by the than Honourable Commerce Minister C. P. Chidambaram and in 1991-92 by the than Honourable Commerce Minister Shri P. J. Kurein. Again in 1992-93 Export Award was given to him at New Delhi the then Honourable Commerce Minister Shri Pranav Mukherjee. The Export Award for the year 1993-94 was given at Bombay by the than Honourable Commerce Minister Shri Pranav Mukherjee. Thus he has received Export Awards continuously for 6 years. These Awards were given to him inspite of tough competition from China and Taiwan Countries.

Since last 5 years he is providing mid-day meal to 200 factory workers of his factory as a service to mankind.

In spite of earning huge foreign exchange Government has not provided any pucca road leading towards his factory. But a Kachcha road has been constructed on private land for going to the factory premises. In this connection so many representations have been made with concerned authorities from time to time but there is no response. Hence a pucca road was constructed at his own cost.

Ramjibhai Maru
(M) 091-9825413642.
  Vice President
Kathubhai Dhandhal
(M) 091-9825217961.
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