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President : Shri. Sureshbhai Sompura
Personal Profile


Date of Birth : 21-2-1946

Educational Qualification : B.Sc.(Chem.)

Inhabitant : Thangadh

Business started : 1968



He is a leading industrialist, of Thangadh, having Anchor Sanitarywares Private Limited / Ariston Ceramic / Swastik Ceramic / Choice Traders.


Since last many years he has been receiving awards for quality control and Exports by the Government as well as private organizations.
Public Life

Shri Sureshbhai Sompura has been unanimously elected as President on 27/11/2003 at the meeting of Federation of Ceramic Industries Thangadh. Since then he has played an important part for solving many problems of ceramic industries and also the development of whole Thangadh Town . He has solved many problems of Ceramic world viz. construction of roads, regular supply of water, regular power supply facility of railways and S.T., additional facilities of Telephone and mobile, Banking facilities, etc. and got appreciation from everyone. Moreover, he is planning and arranging regular monthly meetings, lectures and other functions where he invited High Officials, Learned people, Lecturers and gave introduction of their high intellect.

A programme in honour of Shri Ramjibhai Maru President of Panchal Ceramic Association was held under his leadership which was one of the best programme ever held by the Federation till this date.
In arranging all these programmes, meetings, etc. we have seen that he has spared his valuable time and devotedly worked for this cause without spending any amount from Federation Fund and by spending all the expenditure from his pocket. In this connection his act of helping the needy is really remarkable and his life as a donor is worth bowing. All this shows his compassion for Thangadh. He has changed the whole picture of Industrial World as well as people world since he took over the reign of Federation with last ten months only and got mass popularity. It is difficult to introduce Shri Sureshbhai Sompura in few pages. For it, pages are required. Whatever we write about his transparent administration and pure life, same shall be short but to give his introduction as President of the Federation following one para shall be considered more than a book.
He solved the Industrial gas problem by presenting the same at the highest level for which Thangadh Ceramic Industry was watching since last many years just like a bird who drinks rain-water only. In this age of competition, it is difficult to survive by ceramic Industries without industrial gas. This problem has been solved by him and now this industry is now in fore-front. For this Ceramic Industries will always be indebted to Shri Sureshbhai Sompura. After becoming President of Federation of Ceramic Industries on 27/11/2003 his services to this industries have continued with the same zeal and he is now trying to make Web Site for Thangadh Ceramic to contact the world. We expect the same services from Shri Sureshbhai Sompura in years to come.

Sureshbhai P. Sompura
(M) 091-9825218177.
  Vice President
Mayur Prajapati
(M) 091-9825224261
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